Hello Beautiful,

Music is powerful! It has the ability to influence our emotions and touch our soul. Whether you have musical abilities or not, the way you live life is also telling a story and playing a tune. So what is your Lifesong?

It’s staggering to comprehend, and many have a difficult time believing it, but the truth is that the God who created you, breathed breath into your lungs and has great plans for your life is completely delighted that you are His daughter. Period. There’s no striving for His love and acceptance. Right this minute He is “rejoicing over you with singing”. (Zephaniah 3:17) The Lord is literally singing a love song over your life. Wow!

Learning how to fully embrace this truth can give us a passion for living life as a love song back to Him. The song that The Composer has written for your life is unique and true to you. Is your Lifesong soulful and jazzy, or maybe classical or rap? No matter the style, He has a beautiful melody and tempo for your life that is playing for all to hear.

I’m praying for you and hope you’ll join us as we hear the beautiful music from some amazing women who have tuned their hearts to live fully for God.

Listen to the beat of His heart and let your Lifesong sing!

Love you much!

Your Host,
SoCal Women’s Director

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