A New Era for Clean Transportation: Pathways for Clean Technologies
CALSTART Annual Meeting and Blue Sky Award Luncheon
Tuesday, December 9, 2014  | Westin Bonaventure

7:00 am          Registration

8:00 am          Opening Remarks
John Boesel, President and CEO, CALSTART
John McNichols, Product Director, Crosspoint Kinetics

8:20 am         CALSTART Member Company Tech Talks Lightning Hybrids
Tim Reeser, President, Lighting Hybrids
Larry Fromm, Vice President Business and Strategy Development, Achates Power

8:30 am          US EPA Policies and Future Clean Transportation Technologies
Chris Grundler, Director, Office of Transportation and Air
Quality, US Environmental Protection Agency

9:00 am          Presentation of Blue Sky Award – California Senator Fran Pavley

9:15 am          Scaling Up the Next Generation of Clean Technologies
Dr. Cheryl Martin, Acting Director, Advanced Research Projects
Agency – Energy (ARPA-E), US Department of Energy

9:45 am         Break

10:00 am           The Next Generation of Clean Fuels
Moderator: Jeff Reed, Director, Business Strategy and Advanced Technology, Sempra
Rebecca Boudreaux, President, Oberon Fuels
Peter Rocha, Corporate Business Development, Renewable Energy Group Inc.
Ed Kjaer, Director, Transportation Electrification, Southern California Edison

11:00 am        The Next Generation of Efficient Transportation Technologies – A Fresh look at Alternative Engine Technologies and Advancements in the ICE
Moderator: Jerry Hirsch, Automotive Business Writer, Los Angeles Times
Craig Scott, National Manager, Advanced Technologies Group, Toyota Motor Sales
Paul Miles, Manager, Combustion Engine Research Program, Sandia National
Jan Hellaker,Vice President, Transport Solutions and Services, Volvo Trucks

12:00pm        CALSTART Blue Sky Award Luncheon and Ceremony
CALSTART’s Blue Sky Award 2014 will be presented to individuals and companies/organizations who exemplify innovation in clean transportation.
Special Guest Speaker:
Mary Nichols, Chairman, California Air Resources Board
Luncheon Keynote: The Bright Future for Clean Transportation – Reflections
and Thoughts from CALSTART’s Founding Chairman
Michael Peevey, President, California Utilities Commission
California Policy Update

1:30 pm         A Conversation Between the US EPA and CARB on Vehicle GHG Standards and Related Policies
Moderator: Jack Broadbent, Executive Director, BAAQMD
Richard Corey, Executive Director, CARB
Chris Grundler, Director, Office of Transportation and Air Quality, US Environmental
Protection Agency

2:25 pm           The Outlook for Clean Transportation: A Private-Public Investment Partnership
Moderator: Andrew Coors, CEO, Steelhead Industries
Puon Penn, Executive Vice President, Technology and Venture Banking Group, Wells
Fargo Bank
John Rhow, Managing Partner, PPA Solutions
Janea Scott, Commissioner, California Energy Commission

3:15 pm           Break

3:30 pm          Future of the Grid and Why It Matters for Transportation
Moderator: Mil Ovan, President, Navitas Systems
Pedro Pizarro, President, Southern California Edison
Pasquale Romano, CEO, ChargePoint
Stephen Berberich, President, California Independent System Operator

4:30 pm           The Race for Global Leadership in Clean Transportation – US and China
Moderator: Karen Hamberg, Vice President, Strategic Energy Futures, Westport
Brendan Riley, Vice President, Fleet Sales, BYD Motors, Inc.
Paul Beach, President, Octillion Power Systems
• Casey Mulder, Global Product Line Manager, Woodward

5:20 pm           Closing Summary Remarks

5:30-7:00 pm     Reception